French in stolen vehicles caught by police after long car chase

Two French people driving in stolen cars were stopped by the police in Limburg after a chase of tens of kilometers. Vehicles from the National Police Unit, the Marechaussee, and a police helicopter had to be used to force the cars to stop.

When the cars entered the Netherlands in Eijsden, the system that recognizes number plates via cameras indicated that the cars were registered as stolen. The police then tried to arrest the French citizens near Maastricht. But they ignored stop signs and raced north on the A2.

In the end, both drivers chose their own route. One could be forced to stop in Baexem, the other at Kelpen-Oler, both about 50 kilometers from Maastricht.

One of the French then tried to escape on foot, but, despite a trip through gardens and fields, was unable to prevent the helicopter from targeting him with a searchlight. He eventually surrendered.