Kids terrorize Roermond shopping center

A large group of children terrorized two spots in Roermond on Sunday. According to the local police, they threatened to storm a shopping center and intimidated shoppers.

The kids involved were between the ages of 10 and 14 years. The police took down the details of 20 of them and had an “admonishing conversation” with their parents, the Roermond police said on Facebook.

The 20 kids were part of a larger group that caused problems at Retailpark Roermond and at the Outlet Center, the police said. Exactly why they targeted these shopping areas, is unclear.

According to the police, the kids’ parents were made aware that they are responsible for their children’s behavior. “In addition, agreements have been made with the parents and their children to prevent further nuisance from being caused,” the police said.

“If the youngsters continue to show undesirable behavior, they can be fined and in some cases arrested.”